Rik's Photo Adapters

Modified Enlarger Stand With Fine Screw Height Adapter

This stand is designed to support a camera that is pointing downward, permitting very fine adjustment of its height above the base of the stand.  In operation, the camera is screwed onto the 1/4"x20 threaded bar sticking horizontally out the right side of the mount (with masking tape wrapped around it to retain a spacing washer).  The springs pull the camera up, but only as far as permitted by the diagonal rod.  The small knurled knob at upper right, when turned, causes the diagonal dimension of the parallelogram to change slightly, moving the camera up and down.  For coarse adjustment, the thumbscrew at lower left permits the rod with the knurled knob to slide freely through the fixture with the thumbscrew, thus allowing the height to be changed quickly by large amounts.  The adjusting fixtures are fastened onto the bars of the parallelogram with U-bolts made of bend threaded rod.  The only tricky part of the whole setup is that each of the two fixtures that the big threaded rod runs through, is machined with a shoulder so that it can rotate freely in the small plate that is U-bolted to the parallelogram bars.  The positioning sensitivity of this apparatus is about 2 mm per turn of the knurled knob, so 0.1mm positioning is pretty straightforward. Biggest drawback is that the whole affair is not very rigid -- this is definitely for bench use only, with a good cable release.


Modified T-Adapter Turns Canon Bayonet Mount into Pentax Screw Thread

The T-adapter is manufactured with the T-mount screw threads machined into an inner ring that is fastened with setscrews to allow rotation.  I just machined a new inner ring and dropped it into place.

Enlarging Lens To Pentax Screw Thread

This is a 1-piece adapter machined with Pentax for the male screw threads and enlarging lens for the female.  I use it to fit a 50mm El-Nikkor enlarging lens on the end of my bellows or extension tubes.  The image quality of the El-Nikkor is quite good, so this is one of my most used adapters.