Sulphur Butterfly Head & Thorax, Stereo Pair

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Revised May 8, 2005
Last minor edit May 23, 2007

This Sulphur butterfly (Colias sp.), was photographed as two extended depth-of-field stacks of 53 and 60 frames, processed by Helicon Focus 3.10.

The viewing format is crossed-eye:  left-eye image on the right, right-eye image on the left.

The two image stacks were shot by moving the camera, not the subject.  It is important that the subject be lit identically in both views, and I find that it's easier to move the camera than to move the subject and lighting in tandem.

To determine the separation, I simply positioned my personal head so that my right eye was looking along the optical axis, then while holding my head in place, moved the camera so that my left eye was looking along the optical axis.  I don't know the exact separation; probably around 6 degrees. 

Further information about the photographic setup can be found at

The above stereo pair can be viewed in high resolution using StereoPhoto Maker (SPM), via right-click and 'Open with SPM'.  (Be sure to use Internet Explorer, and setup SPM using 'Edit/Preferences/IE Context Menu', check 'Enable IE Context Menu'.)

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