Stacking for Extended Depth of Field

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Equipment and Technique

Setup for shooting pectinate grooming spurs
Tabletop "macro" setup
Shooting "a single maple flower"
Snail's egg - Stacking problem
Stacking Mush
Stacking from Slow Scan Video
Which microscope objectives do not need compensating optics?
Telecentric optics, third round.
Stack-and-stitch: ordinary optics vs telecentric
Stack & stitch experiment with telecentric optics
Stitching 101
Combining Stacking with Stitching
Lens Test With Four 50 mm Lenses
Stacking comparisons
Aperture and lens effects on stacking
Stacking setup for spiny spider under porch roof
Helicon focus (and lens perspective)
New Macro Setup - Making Progress.
Specimen Stage Adjustable in th "Z" direction
Stacking setup for the mayfly eyes, August 2006

Stacked Photos

Myxomycetes (slime molds)

MYXOMYCETES XVI – The Dark Lords of Comatricha
Sorocarps of a Dictyostelid -- a Cellular Slime Mold
HETERO-BASIDIOMYCETES -- Temellales - The Jelly Fungi -I
MYXOMYCETES XIII Emergence to Spore Release
MYXOMYCETES XV - Destruction by Fungal Attack
MYXOMYCETES XIV – Hypothallus Formation?

Wasps and bees

Pectinate grooming spur of a paper wasp (Polistes dominulus)
Mandibles and tongue of a yellow jacket wasp
Solitary wasp, interesting prey carrying adaptation, ID help (male digger wasp)
Honey bee face
Two More Bumble Bee Studies
Yellowjacket mandibles
Honey bee hamuli... natures "velcro"
Honey bee, pollen rake detail..and.. the "CRUSHER"
Honey bee rear leg
Faces only a mother could love - Woodwasps
Horntail Woodwasp
Blue Horntail Head
Yellowjacket "portrait"


Metallic Woodborer: Chrysobothris lilaceous
Metallic Woodborer: Chalcophora angulicollis
Cerambicid Eye and Antennae Detail
Four Eyed Beetle


Aphid and the body snatcher
A Shepard and Its Flock

Lacewings and egg

Lacewing egg
Green lacewing

Mermethid worm parasite in spider

Worm With Spider (Caution: not for the squeamish!)

Flower and plant structures

Exotic structure of the Lesser Periwinkle
Purple star with fibers
A very unusual Sundew Plant
Anthers and stigma of Erodium cicutarium
A single maple flower
Goldenrod seeds
Moss Study
A variety of stacks
Trichome of stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)
Study in Moss & Lichen...Stack VS Unstack
Between the gills of a mushroom, 2nd ed.
Tumbleweed, like you've never seen it before
Orchid Flower Stack
Lichen stacks
The down of a thistle


The Eyes Of A Fly
Robber fly "head shot"
Face to Face with a Fly
Chironomid (non-biting) midge
Green Metallic Fly

Fossils and skeletons

Molar of Ice Age Bison
Skull of Alexandrine parakeet: amazing articulating beak
Skull of a Nile crocodile - 9 frame stack
Skull of young River Otter (answer to recent Puzzle Picture)
Skull of Eurasian badger (Meles meles)
Beautiful tooth of extinct N. American horse, Equus leidyi
Serrations on the tooth of a 220 million year old Rutiodon

Other insects and spiders (macro gear)

Ladybug larva
Crab spider II. Up close with 65 mm MP-E
Pectinate grooming apparatus on flying ant
Flying ant -- Pogonomyrmex
Reproductive end of a yucca moth
Stacked spider
Autographa, stacked and stitched
Leg Joint Of A Beetle
Foot of a jumping spider
Claws of a cutworm
Anagrapha moth wing, details of the "Y"
My very first springtails!
Earwig, formal portrait
Small skipper butterfly "head shot"
Winged Reproductive Termite, Zootermopsis angusticollis
Face of a dragon? (snout beetle)
Spiny spider under porch roof
Shining tarsus -- whose is it?
Hair! It's just hair! (cicada front)
Life is looking up for this tiny male mayfly!

Other insects and spiders (micro gear)

Moth eggs
Leaf beetle: Chrysolina polita (?)
"Micro-muscles" made visible by polarized light
Water boatman (Hemiptera: Corixidae) legs... Part 2
Water boatman (Hemiptera: Corixidae) legs
When NOT to use ping-pong ball lighting!
Springtail tales... and tail
Moth portrait
Vine Weevil
Both Ends of 2 Dragonflies
Moth Dissection
Heteropteryx dilatata, tarsus and claws
Metallic Beetles
Hawkmoth eyebrow revisited
Ant head
Mosquito head from very large stack

Snail eggs

Plate tectonics - a snail's perspective

Micro subjects

Amoeba test
radiolarian stacks
Vinca minor pollen
Camellia pollen
Dandelion bug, dandelion pollen
Single pollen grain of Erodium cicutarium
Tabanus spp (Horse fly) foot
3 diatoms
Cyclops eggs
Arcella, diagonal stack, and 100X

Mechanical Subjects

Seams like Thanksgiving, don't they? ("tin can" manufacture)


Rattlesnake tail--A better stack
First semi-successful stack (leaf-nose viper)