Rik's Outward Bound Experience

This CDROM contains Rik Littlefield's photo album
for Outward Bound PNC211, North Cascades Mountaineering,
course dates June 22 - July 5, 2002.

To view the album, visit either

     depending on your computer's screen resolution.  
This will launch your default web browser to display
the first page of the photo album.

Actually, you may prefer to use For1280x1024 even if
you have the lower resolution screen.  The tradeoff
is that you will get better pictures, but will have to
do some more scrolling.

In addition to the browser-viewable albums, this CD-ROM
also contains high resolution versions of all images,
plus some other source material, in folder SourceMaterials
and below.  Everything is cross-referenced by the
file names that are shown in the album.


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