Downloading Workbooks

Workbooks are stored in Excel 5.0 format.

If your Web browser is configured to handle a MIME type of "application/excel" and a file type of ".XLS", then downloading will cause Excel to be automatically launched and you can have it File:Save a copy of the workbook.

If you are on a Macintosh and Excel is already running, then the automatic launch may fail. (Excel will run, but will ask you where to find the file.) In that case, either exit Excel before trying to download the workbook, or have your browser save the workbook to a file and tell Excel to File:Open it.

If your Web browser does not support "application/excel" or .XLS files, then you must follow your browser's procedure for transferring and saving the workbook to a file. Then launch Excel manually and have it File:Open the workbook.

The following workbooks are available: